Sunday, 26 September 2010

Design Studies Meeting

In our second design studies we had a group brainstorm/ discussion about each of our chosen topics, we did not delve into our topics as we are still in the early stages of research. Generally everyone is on the same stage of research, cross-searching and finding sources to gain facts and information.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

First Meeting

This semester, our design studies class has been seperated into groups of eight, here is a picture of half of us at our first group meeting that was held in the library. Since it was only our first meeting we didnt make it too formal and just got to know each other a bit better and decide what topic we were going to choose to research into out of a very very long list we were kindly given. Also a wee thanks to Mark Karwowski for the image as i am camera-less at the moment!

My Summer Castle

OK so I pretty much disowned my blog over summer, apologies about that! But anyway this is a photo of one of the places that I worked in during my summer. Stunning right? Aldourie Castle is situated right on the Loch Ness and was absolutely lovely to work at! Just thought I would try and get some of you jealous of where I was working at!