Monday, 24 January 2011

Assignment 1: Semester 2

We were asked to take a learning test to find out what kind of learner we are. If I'm being honest I found the questions a bit confusing, but i soldiered on and came out with the results of a Very strong ACTIVISTS, Moderate reflector, Moderate theorist and quite low pragmatists.
"They involve themselves fully and without bias in new experiences. The immediate is important to them, enjoying the here and now. They are open minded and enthusiastic about new things with a 'I'll try anything once' philosophy. Activists are people who act first and consider the consequences afterwards so they are busy on-the-go tackling problems by brain storming. They like having other people around, involving themselves with others, at the same time seeking to centre all activities on themselves."
I think that this is a fair analysis of the way I learn. I feel that I am defiantly able to say what's on my mind freely and listen to others aswell and don't have an overpowering presence when studying and learning in groups.

I don't think that any of us in the group got everybody in the group guessed correctly, I don't think we were far off in our individual analysis's but it was good to see that we all had different thought on how each of us learns. I was quite surprised that in our seminar group we all seemed to come up with Activist being the majority of peoples highest style. I thought that we would have had a more mixed range of learning techniques. I think I would like to be able to reflect more when I am learning and not jump into everything, both in my practical work and in my assessments.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Haven't posted in a while so I just thought I would wish everybody a lovely new year and hope you enjoyed yourselves and didn't get too carried away with some drunken antics! I know I defiantly did! Enjoy 2011!