Thursday, 31 December 2009

Project 2- Semester 1


My inspiration for this piece is the fantastic 'Maggie Centre' designed by Frank Gehry. I remember seeing this building in one of our talks during our first year in the general art course, I was immediately impressed by the sleekness of the roof. So obviously it had to be incorporated into my design for this project in some way!

This is a paper maquette of my intended use of the roof into my design.

This is my final design. I found the most difficult and time consuming part of this project was the roof. It took numerous tries to get the roof exactly the way i wanted it but to me i feel that it was well worth it as an end outcome.

I think that the contrasts work well in this piece, the silver-plated sections with the oxidized sections, solid with line structures.

Project 1- Semester 1


So this is my first official piece that i put together during our first semester as a Jewellery and Metalwork student! Thanks to the photography class we took it looks pretty professional i think!

The most challenging part of this project i found was the actual research, not quite knowing how to approach it as in the past i had never really done a lot of sketchbook work. I think it is something i still need to do a lot of practice in to but look forward to do so!

My inspiration for this piece (incase you couldn't tell) was woodland. Trees. Its a huge part of my life as when Im at home, Inverness, my house is situated in the middle of Newtonhill woods. Just outside Inverness.

This is, again, my final piece for the vessel project. Displayed on a borrowed piece of grass and ground on the day of assessments.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

4th year Xmas sale

I have to say I am very much looking forward to the 4th years xmas sale! I just saw a photo of the charm bracelet that is going to be up for grabs and it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am very excited to see the rest of there work tomorrow morning when i come in!