Wednesday, 27 April 2011


My first attempt at flocking! Ok so maybe it looks a bit messy and rubbish here but wait until it dries it will look fabby!

Green, Greener, Greenest

While I was oxidizing brass on the larger flames in the workshop today this loverly green flame came into my life. How pretty is that, maybe you had to be there to be really focused on it. I don't think my photography skills give it justice here!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Melting my FACE OFF

Tried my hand at various casting earlier today, with pewter and brass. As you seen in one of my earlier posts I did a wee cast of my thumb, so now that I had it in resin I casted it in metal. Unfortunately I didn't have enough pewter to do a full cast but the half cast I managed to get came out a treat, I'll get a picture up tomorrow. And the brass casting was a fail, I didn't make the funnel big enough so practically none of the liquid brass went into the mould. Round two of that tomorrow I reckon!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Couple in a Box

SOOOO Mothers Day was quite some time ago here, but this is the only photo I took of what I made for my loverly Mum before I handed them over, not even thinking! boooo! A pair of earrings, silver 0.9 sheet, plastic hand painted figure with clear resin. STUNNERZZZ

Pondering Man

A wee ring that I whipped together one afternoon. Square silver wire squared ring, silver tubing with green CZ and a plastic figure perched on the 'seat'.

Humpty Dumpty

My one and only easter egg from yesterday! Hop ya'll had a good one!

Dissertation Distractions

On Saturday afternoon, I sat down and was all ready to put the last bits of editing and writing down to finish my dissertation proposal part 3 but low and behold since I am EXTREMELY easy to distract, I ended up going for a 2 and a half hour walk across Abriachan with my Mum and Dad. Bloody bad influences they are!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Casting my Thumb-a-lumb-lumb

Instead of getting on with my dissertation proposal like a good student i decided that what i need in my life at this moment was another thumb, so i am currently in the middle of casting it as i type this! i have just peeled off the latex casting and now am just going to mix me up some RESINNNN! ohhhh budddyyyyy


BOOM BOOM! Epic Winning 2 kayy elevennnn in the house! HAHA ROFL COPTERRR my shorts off! I have graced the big old NESS with my presence! IM IN IT!


For my dissertation for next year, well technically this year I have decided that I am going to look into the design and technological advancements of prosthetic limbs! Boom! Im excited!!!