Thursday, 28 October 2010

More Decisions

The whole of our design studies class met up in Mono yesterday for our first of many dissertation workshops. We sat in our small groups and tried to churn out some ideas. The workshop itself I found quite productive. I think its good to hear and get to understand other peoples ideas from differing practices. I have to say I am a little bit undecided about what topic to research into! I am thinking maybe going down the disability route, one of my neighbors from back home has a deaf child, whom is still quite young so I might go down that route. But again I am not 100% on this.
I think that I would be able to relate this back to my practice fairly well and it would be quite interesting to see what is exactly around for deaf children in terms of education and future employment opportunities or if they are scrutinized straight away about their disabilities or if companies make a point of hiring disabled people to work with their companies so that they don't have discrimination problems.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Chocolat Chaud

You know it's coming up to winter when your flatmate starts making you loverly cups of hot chocolate with melted marshmallows! Jealous?


NEW BREIF! BOOYA! New brief and new sketchbook day today! Yippeee! Our new project is on COLOUR! Scary stuff right there! Researching into resin and plastic based jewellers at the moment and there are quite a lot of very attention grabbing stuff out there! Still in the browsing stage. . . .

Sunday, 24 October 2010

"Oil Spill"

Lovely Jubbly pieces by Golfo Collection which were designed to draw attention to the price of human greed. These were inspired by the recent BP spill, have a good impact huh?

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Before and After

We are having our first exhibition of the year soon |(Friday the 29th, Jewellery and Metalwork Corridor, Duncan of Jodanstone)| Just thought I would upload a little before and after photo of the space that I am sharing with a Second year Jeweller. The exhibition is a joint effort of this years Second and Third years so we have been paired together and assigned spaces. Im looking forward to the differing views we will get!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Grand Opening is upon us!

Here is my newest pride and joy! My Pocket Boob! What do you think? This has been the stress in my life for the last couple of weeks but I have to say I'm pretty delighted with the outcome!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


OH MY GOSH! This is bloody scary! Check out this link to see what potentially could be the future of pop music! I found this when I was checking out one of my favourite bloggers Perez Hilton ( It is without a doubt astonishing! you can really see that the day of A.I could soon be with us!

What has a piece of 800 wet and dry and 4 pieces of metal?

The answer : ME!!!!


I know that I shouldn't take joy in somebody's misfortune! BUT after my day in the workshop this made me feel a little bit better. Glad to see somebody else's day went worse than mines! As I was walking home I saw a car exhaust lying in the middle of the traffic lights! OUCH! That will cost a bit to repair i imagine!

Before The Clean UPPP!

I had THEE most stressful day ever in the workshop! Yes I know, do feel sorry for me! This is the outcome of my Narrative project, and the first one of my third year. Pretty snazzy right? Just got the clean up process to do and then oxidize it! Good Luck to me!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Design Studies Meeting

Our wee group having a little talk about what we are deciding to do our dissertation on! EEEK! I am so undecided at the moment! I think most people have a very vague idea of what route they want to go down though so thats always a good sign!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Paint and Resin boobies

If you don't mind me saying myself this is AMAZING! This is exactly what i want for my piece! All that changed from the last resin is that i added paint into the resin mixture. AHH soo good! I am really chuffed with this outcome!

Resin boobies!

Here is the outcome of my moulding and resin setting boobs. I really love the effect that has happened here! It looks very realistic, ok maybe not the painting that I did but you get the jist of things! Obviously the white cast is before I painted.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Here I have purchased some Liquid Rubber Latex from our trusty college shop. In this sample I went through the stages of painting this rubber liquid on myself, yes I did it on myself, to get the mould you see in the photo. Worked out very well I think. The lighter set is about 6 coats and the darker is about 10. I plan on filling these moulds with resin to get a hard boob!

Playing with Resin

OK so this sample really didn't work! I was trying to make a negitive of a clay made nipple but it got incased in the resin instead of being able to take it out after the resin had set so that in turn i could pour resin into the mould to get a postive.

Metal Nipples

My current metalwork project is based on pornography (Narrative Project) This was just a quick sample. It took about half an hour to make it. Was simply a circle of sheet copper the hammered and then soldered together. I don't think this is the effect that I am looking for in my piece though! But it was good to see the effects that can be achieved.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Casting Class

This saturday just past Sarah Finnigan, Leanne Evans, Georgia Cockrill and I all took part in a casting class that was held in the St.Andrews Museum. We signed up for this when we went to see the exhibition 'Causing Chaos' a few weeks back. And for £5 I think it was a bit of a bargain to be taking place in this class! First we made a slab out of clay, chose an object then made an imprint in which to place it, built walls around the object by cutting up our slab, poured our rubber solution into the mould structure, took the rubber out when it had set, built some more walls around the rubber, poured a casting liquid into the newest mould AND THEN removed it! What an adventure I know!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wire Bra

These are two of the samples made in the studio for the Nartive project that we are researching and designing for at the moment, the inspiration comes from the old school bras from back in the day!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

More from the Burgh

In our little day visit we also ventured across the 'City Art Centre' . In the basement Leanne, Georgia, Sarah, Mairi, Scarlett, Frances and I found a little 'creative' area where we really let our fine art selves go! This was my master piece collage that i churned out by the end of our half an hour rest. I also took advantage of the child masks that were left to play with in one of the many magical boxes that were their for us to play with!

The Burgh

Yesterday our Jewellery class (both Thrid and Second Year) were taken on a wee day trip to Edinburgh to see some exhibitions and galleries.In the Jerwood Contemporary Makers exhibtion, I have to say that this piece 'My Charm Bracelet' created by Nicola Malkin was by far my favourite piece. I really enjoyed the fact that she incorporated a china knuckleduster into her very loving and girly looking piece, it reminded me of the struggle i had when I was designing a four fingered ring myself!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Assignment 1: Semester 1: Year 3

Social Networking and Design
Janna Macdonald
Jewellery and Metalwork Design

What is Social Networking?

Social networking is the grouping together of individuals through social connections; it is possible to do this in person through school, university or working environments. But it has recently boomed in the online world due to the millions upon millions of users from all over the globe looking to meet others to share and gather information with, make new friendships and business alliances. Social networking is being achieved through social sites that are designed to allow multiple users to publish content about themselves or creating a profile, exchange private and public messages and upload photographs.
“Web-based services that allow indivduals to construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system” (Thelwall, M., 2009)
Social sites have become an extension of the original mailing list and bulletin boards that had previously been used. Online communities of internet users have recognized the potential to expand the number of there business and social contacts through web-based groups, making contacts that they would possibly never have met which are extremely influential to them.

Image from

The History

Before the Internet exploded onto mainstream consciousness CompuServe provided a form of social interaction. This service began in the 1970s and was set to be a business oriented computer connection solution and it provided this use u until the late 1980s when CompuServe expanded itself for public use allowing its members to share files, access news and events, and join discussion pages that covered a very wide range of topics. CompuServe became extremely popular in its time and has heavily influenced the way the modern social sites are developing today.
The Bulletin Board System (BBS) gained popularity through the 1980s and well into the 1990s. Its online gathering places were independently formed codes that permitted the communication with the central system; from this any user could download files and post messages onto the bulletin board. (Nickson, C., 2009) Although there was about to be a huge change in social networking, Tom Jennings Fidonet managed to link BBS’s to modern day networks so they have not been completely lost.
The climb of the Internet as we know it today was created under the AOL (American Online) company. This developed user-created community services which was the first sighting of advanced features to be used in social sites. Early social networking sites, World Wide Web (WWW) generalized online communities that aimed to bring people together from 1997 where some of the first social sites where born, Six and for example. In these sites, mainly from the late of the 1990s, the users profile was the obvious main feature making it easier to find other users that had similar interests/hobbies etc as themselves. By the end of the 1990s/early 2000s more advanced features had been developed helping create more personal networking sites that were clinched by the masses.
‘in social, economic and institutional terms the dominance of the world of networks is even more apparent’ (Castells,2001)
This showing the potential domination that the social networking sites had to offer to the modern day world and with the launch of Friendster in 2002 social sites hit a real high point, by using a perception that was seen earlier in a failed social site (previously mentioned the creators were able to show a “Circle of Friends” which encouraged new friendships and bonds to be made from the visual connections that were displayed to each user. This technique is still used in one of the most popular sites to date, Facebook, which was originally founded by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg along with his college roommates and fellow computer science student. When Facebook was first launched, in 2004, it was limited to Harvard students only but after only 2 years it was made public and now boasts at more than 500 million active users. (Kirkpatrick, D., 2010)

Image from (

Relevance to Design

Social networking has always been a way of self-promotion in the design world whether that is through online interaction or face-to-face interaction. With the online aspect of socializing designers have been given a huge advantage when trying to get their work across and target fellow designers. Blogging, such as and wordpress, has given designers the advantage of being able to publish and record the thought process of their work and final pieces. Hopefully being able to gain some feedback or inspire fellow designers with various techniques and samples that they have achieved themselves.
‘Texts and images can be published without editorial interferences and can rapidly achieve wide circulation’ (Varnelis, 2008)
This shows the power of the web at its greatest. Designers being able to publish images of there own work has become a very popular way of them promoting their designs to other designers and possible clients and employers. Also managing to give them possible connection that may become useful towards techniques and skills they may want to acquire. Social networks such as contain videos and such of practical workshops that some craft amateurs would be able to use to develop their skills further, this giving a very clear and visual way of learning from very obtainable resources.
Online thought is also an important factor to take into consideration by bringing unlimited amount of people from differing cultures and backgrounds gives the influence of a wider range of views and opinions to come forward to designers.
“the nature of online engagement . . . makes manageable large-scale, many-to-many discussion and deliberation” (Coleman and Gotze, 2001)
This shows that within the design of social sites we have managed to produce a way of getting people together to discuss issues at the same time from many differing places providing the subject at hand with a more cultured view.
In virtual worlds, such as, it is possible to create an online exhibitions that can be seen by the whole virtual world. The Tech Museum announced The Tech Vitual ( in December 2007 in which an exhibition design competition would take place focusing on the theme of “Art,Film and Music” this virtual exhibition promoted one of the first of its kind. The first four winning exhibits to be incorporated into the physical museum including Artist-in-residence: The Painter, Musical Chairs, Wikisonic anf Connecting Point: Hole in (Virtual) Space. This has given the design world a way of presenting their work in a whole new light and thus furthering the development of social networking and its potential in the modern day society.


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Mind Mapping

Here is a glimpse of one of my many mind maps that i churned out while i was trying to brain storm on my chosen subject 'Social Networking'

Saturday, 2 October 2010

On the Other hand

I have managed to do quite a lot of notes today for my Wiki entry. . . .

In the Sticks

Back in Inverness for the weekend to see the family and I only have the countryside views that i no longer have in the middle of Dundee that are keeping me from working. This is what has been distracting me from doing my design studies for the past 4 hours now!

Loverly wee view of Kirkhill Village right down there!