Thursday, 28 January 2010


My first attempt of felting, I think it has turned out quite successful!
The larger majority of our class all got the opportunity to create our own piece of felting. We were given a large choice of coloured sheep wool. Firstly we had to get two sheets of grey fabric (I have forgotten the name of it though ) then we chose our coloured wool, teased it out and evenly placed a layer of it going in the same direction on top of one of the grey fabric pieces, then either with the same or different coloured wool lay another layer this time crossing over(e.g first layer horizontal second layer vertical)
For my sample I used a light green for my first layer and then the grey colour you can see on top for my second layer, I then put a creamy fabric down put purple wool on top of that. Then wrapped woolen thread around my fingers to make the loops. After i was happy with that I sandwiched it in between the grey fabric and tacked the two pieces together, going around the outside of my sample. Then Leah put it in the way so that it felted and hey presto!

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