Saturday, 13 March 2010

Looking Back

So in our seminar at the start of the week we started discussing about if we were to redo our last assignment what would we do differently. I decided to go to costas as you can see on my last post, but I think I defiantly could have gone somewhere more interesting looking back on the assignment. One of the girls in our seminar group went to the gym for her observation challenge, I am currently trying to track her blog down so that I can read it! She explained that it was very interesting to see just how self conscience everybody is and that there are a few very distinct groups that normally attend the gym that she has a membership at, the old men who sweat buckets and just don't care, the girls who come in and don't put much effort into their workout and don't sweat at all, and then the regulars that glare at you when a new comer come in. I have only ever been to the gym once I have to admit, but I can imagine what it would be like as my mum used to go to the gym quite regularly.
I think if I could go back I would go to the same sort of environment as the gym, it would be very interesting to see people at their most vulnerable states.

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