Thursday, 25 March 2010

Part 5B

In this essay I will be revisiting my studio briefs that I have tackled this past two semesters and looking into how I would be able to use both the secondary and primary research methods that have been used whilst carrying out my design studies assessments and hopefully connecting the two studies together in unison.

The studio brief that I am going to carry through with this project is our fourth brief ‘Setting’ that looked into the design of a piece of jewellery which was to incorporate a setting of another material/s. our design had to be inspired by the religious or spiritual symbolism used in jewellery and the was precious or semi-precious stones and other materials are used by jewelers. Firstly we were to research a selection of different precious and semi-precious gems, how they are formed and what powers they are thought to bring to a piece of jewellery. Then develop a design that either incorporates the idea of certain gems having powers or look into the religious entity of gemstones. In this project I chose to base my design around Buddhism.

If I was to re-visit this project I think that I would go right back to the symbolism that people connect with gemstones. I would use the interview process with images to gain information as to what people form different disciplines would make of the precious and semi-precious stones. I feel that the visual guide would help the majority of designers; they might connect completely different things with just the colour or the shape. Does everybody connect diamonds with wealth and marriage? It would be interesting to see what difference would appear when interviewing jewelers compared to graphic, textile, and interior etc designers. Would they share the same enthusiasm for gemstones that us jewelers do or would they just go by colour?

Instead of investigating solely into one religion I think I would look into one aspect of religion in itself, the most important factor that I think would be the most interesting would be the meditation. Every religion has a different stance and way of prayer. I think that the best way to research into this would be a combination of photography and secondary research from previous studies that have been carried out. I did carry out a brief look into different meditating hand positions in the Buddhist religion. And it would be very interesting to have visuals of other prayer and meditation postures. Seeing a huge collaboration of different religious postures so that they can be easily analyzed would give the design of the piece a variety of different spiritual meaning instead of just being devoted to one religion. But on the down fall of a huge range of religions coming together it might not hold the same values as a piece that is solely for one religion. I think it would be interesting to have views from people who have a religious background if I was to merge a couple of religious values together. Another visual that I could have taken into consideration would be the actual Gods themselves. The different sacrifices that it ha received from the followers, this could be materials possessions and also living things. Photography of the ritual grounds would be fascinating to research into if these were made available from some of the more secretive religions.

To go back and get involved in some of the spiritual sides of different religions would able me to take into consideration the values of the religion more. Obviously the most available service to observe would be Christianity as it is ready available in many areas of every main city. It would be a lot more interesting if I was able to sit in or take part in a religion that is not as well commercialized in this country so that I was able to add culture to my design as well. The materialistic sacrifices that have been a tradition in a huge number of religions would be very interesting to incorporate into my work. The obvious factor of the gifts that are given to Gods is the extravagant gemstones that are used in then, too expensive for placing into my own design but synthetics could be used instead.

In level three I think that to improve on my design work to incorporate more of my assignment work within my briefing work. I think that this would severally help me engage both subjects as one subject instead of thinking of them separately. Using the visual methods that I have developed in semester two would drastically improve my preliminary research in the studio when I look back and see how much I could have changed and improved with my research. Although at this stage in my course I still feel that I am a jewellery design student hopefully next year I will feel more like I can design in a broader range that can solve more problems that just aesthetics, combining my studio knowledge with problems that are faced around the world, even helping in natural disasters. I can defiantly see myself verging towards using my design skills to tackle issues bigger than just my field of design. I think this will be something that I will be thinking about over the Summer and even the Easter holidays to take into account through my third year. However I think that I will be focusing firstly on my practical skills and get them up to higher standards before I try and solve global issues.

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