Tuesday, 22 February 2011


For part of our course we had to endure a FULL week of Rhino design, I sucked to say the least! Computers confuse me far too much for this, but have to say I am pretty happy with my final outcome! Incase you cyber fools cant make out what it is, its a bowl/ring! I know I'm a genius! The design came from my "Domestic Paradise" project which allowed me to think of homely things, im not sure why knitting came to mind because only one of my Grans (bigging it up for Granny Pearl (: ) knits and also tea drinking mainly because i drink a ton of it! So in this design I tried to incorporate both together. The bowl part is the mug part of the ring and the wall that has been built up from it is a knitted section which is held up with knitting needles. Lovely

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